Private Well

All wells located in the Village of Plover shall be abandoned in accordance with the terms of Village ordinance 505-11 and Ch. NR. 812, Wisconsin Administrative Code unless a well operation permit has been obtained by the well owner from the Plover Water Department. Due to increased interest from the Department of Natural Resources in assuring all wells in the Village are abandoned or properly permitted the Water Department will be increasing inspections and enforcement of the well abandonment ordinance. Information on well abandonment may be obtained by calling the Water Department at 715-345-5254 and permits may be obtained in the Village Clerk's Office.

Well Operation Permit

The Plover water system may grant a permit to a private well owner to operate a well for a period not to exceed 5 years providing the conditions of this subsection are met. An owner may request renewal of a well operation permit by submitting information verifying that the conditions of this subsection are met. The Plover water system or its agent may conduct inspections or have water quality tests conducted at the applicant's expense to obtain or verify information necessary for consideration of a permit applications or renewal. Permit applications and renewals shall be made on forms provided by the Plover water system. Multiple conditions must be met for issuance or renewal of a well operation permit:

  • The well and pump installation meet or are upgraded to meet the requirements of Wisconsin Administrative Code NR 812.
  • The well construction and installation have a history of producing bacteriologically safe water as evidenced by a safe bacteriological sample.
    • No exception to this condition may be made for unsafe wells unless the Department of Natural Resources approves, in writing, the continued use of the well.
  • There are no Cross-Connection Hazards (PDF) between the well and pump installation and the municipal water system.
  • The proposed use of the well and pump installation can be justified as being necessary in addition to water provided by the municipal water system.

Abandonment Procedures

All wells abandoned under jurisdiction of this subsection or rule shall be abandoned according to the procedures and methods of Wisconsin Administrative Code NR 112. All debris, pump, piping, unsealed liners and any other obstructions which may interfere with the sealing operation shall be removed prior to abandonment.

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