Pacawa Pounder Volleyball Tournament

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Coed Quads grass volleyball tournament to benefit the Celebrate Plover Foundation. This annual tournament is 
held on the soccer fields at Lake Pacawa Park during Celebrate Plover.

-Room for up to 20 nets!
-2 guys and 2 girls, power format (rotate server only)
-A and BB/B Divisions are currently open for signup, pay the day of the event.
-Entry Fee - $100 per team
-Pool play followed by a double elimination tournament.

One half of the proceeds raised will be donated to Celebrate Plover Foundation and the rest will be paid out in cash prizes.


Registration begins at 8:00 am, play begins at 9:00 am.
To register, find the Facebook group Pacawa Pounder / Google form: 


Tournament Format: Round robin format with Single Elimination Playoffs.
Scoring: All games will be played using rally scoring.
Playoffs – 1 game to 30 (no cap).
Time and Daylight permitting, we will possibly make the semi finals and finals in each division, play 2 out of 3 games.
If so, the first two games will be to 21 (no cap) and the third to 15 (no cap).
Tips: No open hand tips.
Double Contact: Players may double contact any first ball over (including serves) provided the ball is not held.
Let Serves: Let Serves are NOT legal.
Blocking: A block is not counted as a team hit.
Foot Digs: Foot Digs are legal.
Setting Over: When the ball is set into the opponent's court, the setter's shoulders must be “Squared Up” or Perpendicular to the line of flight of the ball.
Time Outs: Each team is allowed two 30 second timeouts per game. Time out may be called prior to server receiving ball on either side of court between plays.
Side Changes: Teams should switch sides of the court after every 10 points in games to 21 or more, and every 8 points for games to 15.
Footwear: Players may not wear cleats or spikes of any kind. Players may play barefoot.
Forfeit Rule: A 10 minute forfeit rule is in effect.
Coed Rule: There is no coed rule.

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