About Plover EMS

Plover EMS has members with a variety of certifications ranging from EMT-Basic, Advance EMT, and Paramedic.

Each member has gone through schooling and National Testing to perform their rolls within the Department.

Our EMS members are on call 24 hrs/day, 365 days/year. 



The Village of Plover EMS Department was initiated in September of 1984. Twenty members from the Plover Fire Department and the community were trained in the forty-hour Department of Transportation First Responder Program.

Strictly a volunteer effort in 1984, First Responders were on call for twelve-hour shifts with 24-hour coverage each day. With only a few dozen calls during that first year, the Responders expanded emergency care to include auto accidents, seizures, heart attacks and strokes. The number of calls increased to 85 for the year 1985 and up to 700 for 2011. 

In 2002, the unit upgraded its skill level to become EMT-Basics. With this step up, the EMT's can deliver glucagon, epinephrine, aspirin and albuterol. EMT's can also insert combi-tubes and assist with prescription nitroglycerin.

When a call comes in to Plover EMS, paramedics from the new Portage County Ambulance respond, too. Medics are trained to do advance life support services, such as administering intravenous fluids and other cardiac drugs. All paramedics and EMT's are under orders from the Medical Director, Timothy Vayder, DO, FACOEP. Plover also works closely with Spirit Air Transport, operated by Ministry Health Care. Helicopters are used for certain cases that need additional resources not provided by Ascension - Saint Michael's Hospital in Stevens Point.


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